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Tom D'Alonzo, Auction Manager and Memorabilia Specialist

It could be said that Tom was born with a baseball in his hand. Raised in a family of ballplayers, Tom developed a passion for the game and became a student of its history at a young age. Playing throughout high school and college, his passion continued to grow and interest in the vintage game reached a fever pitch as he neared the end of his college days. In 1995, he had the opportunity to work part time as an assistant for the father of one of the young Little Leaguers he coached. The father was none other than the famed Barry Halper. This opportunity afforded Tom an incredible exposure to all areas of baseball collectibles, and his thirst for knowledge and passion for the game was not unnoticed by the elder Halper. A year later, Tom was offered the position of curator of Barry Halper's collection, working closely with Barry to catalog, store, and display items from his famous collection. In 1998, when Barry embarked on the sale of the collection, Tom was hired by Sotheby's as a consultant for his intimate familiarity with the collection, and he worked for two years as a collection specialist in advance of the Barry Halper Auction, which is to this day one of the hobby's most heralded events. At the conclusion of that sale, Tom was hired by REA's parent company at the time and worked on the 2000 auction of the Gretzky/McNall PSA 8 T206 Wagner. Tom continued to work for the parent company following REA's split in 2003 until joining REA full time as Auction Manager and Memorabilia Specialist in 2006. Tom's knowledge of memorabilia is unparalleled, and he has personally handled some of the greatest items ever sold within the hobby, including Lou Gehrig's jersey, numerous significant Babe Ruth bats, and the sale of Jackie Robinson's historically important 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers contract. Today, Tom oversees all memorabilia-related copy, including autographs, bats, jerseys, and photographs, for the company's three auctions and works closely with consignors of those items throughout the auction process.

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