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1910 E103 Williams Caramel Near-Complete Set (20 of 30) Including Honus Wagner and Christy Mathewson

  • Sold For: $14,100
  • Year: 1910
  • Auction: 2010 spring
  • Lot #: 1695
  • Auction Category: Internet Only

Near-complete set of E103 Williams Caramel is comprised of twenty of the thirty cards in the set, including eight Hall of Famers, highlighted by Honus Wagner and Christy Mathewson. Five cards range in grade from Gd to Vg (including HOFers Chance, Crawford, and Wagner); fifteen are lesser (ranging from Poor to Fr-Gd). E103 Williams Caramel is one of the most highly regarded and scarcest caramel card sets of the era. This collection of twenty cards is missing the following ten cards for completion: Brown, Cobb (offered as a separate lot in the auction), Donovan, Ewing, Lajoie, Lord, McLean, McQuillan, Pastorius, and Thomas. These cards are part of one of the most substantial original-owner caramel card collections we have ever offered. The entire collection of over 350 1910-era candy cards (plus over 200 tobacco cards) have been consigned to this auction (all appear in the Internet-only section of the auction), and have been saved for decades by the family of the original owner. We have selected five cards to be graded by SGC (submitted by REA). Keys: Bender (SGC FAIR 20), Bresnahan (Pr), Chance (SGC VG 40), Chase (Fr), Collins (Pr), Crawford (SGC VG 40), Jennings (Fr), Mathewson (SGC FAIR 20), and Wagner (SGC GOOD 30; This is one of Honus Wagner's most striking cards, featuring a portrait image reminiscent of the pose which appears on his famous T206 card.) The E103 Williams Caramel set is easily distinguished from other caramel sets of the era by the bright red background highlighting each player's portrait. As noted on each card along the lower margin, The Williams Candy Company was located in Oxford, Pa., and this candy was very likely issued on a somewhat regional basis. This fact almost certainly accounts for their great rarity. When they are found, they usually have serious condition problems, which is not surprising considering that these cards were issued to children one card per package with candy. Total 20 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,000/$4,000+. SOLD FOR $14,100

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