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1915 Postaco Stamps Uncut Sheet Including Wagner and Mathewson (24)

  • Sold For: $2,644
  • Year: 1915
  • Auction: 2011 Spring
  • Lot #: 469
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball - 1910s and 1920s Cards

Extremely rare uncut sheet (9.25 x 8.5 inches) of twenty-four 1915 Postaco Stamps represents a complete set of the red-orange background variety. The sheet consists of the following: Baker (HOF), Bender (HOF), Burns, Evers (HOF), Flack, Gowdy, Hendrix, Johnson (HOF), Lajoie (HOF), Lobert, Magee, Maranville (HOF), Mathewson (HOF), McBride, McGraw (HOF), Merkle, Miller, Palmero, Perritt, Pratt, Rudolph, Schmidt, Tinker (HOF), and Wagner (HOF). 1915 Postaco Stamps are one of the most unusual baseball issues of the 1910 era and are extremely rare. This is the first uncut 1915 Postaco Stamps sheet we have seen. The sheet has been folded almost in half (the sixth row of four baseball players are located on the reverse) and the adhesive backs have stuck together (it is a virtual certainty that these could be separated if desired). In addition to the four ballplayers folded over on the back, also attached and part of the sheet are an additional twelve stamps from another Postaco stamp series related to American Antiques. Both the front and back sections have tremendous eye-appeal. The 1915 Postaco stamp set has received very little attention from collectors, in large part because of its rarity. This an extremely unusual opportunity to obtain this rare set in uncut sheet form. Reserve $200. Estimate $400+. SOLD FOR $2,644

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