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1934 R320 Goudey Uncut Sheet Including #37 Lou Gehrig

  • Sold For: $18,800
  • Year: 1934
  • Auction: 2011 spring
  • Lot #: 670
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

Complete and extremely rare 24-card production sheet of the classic 1934 R320 Goudey "Lou Gehrig Says" series (featuring the twenty-four cards numbered from #25 to #48), highlighted by one of the two key Lou Gehrig cards in the set (#37). 1934 Goudey sheets are particularly rare. As can easily be seen looking back at old catalogs, they are far rarer than even 1933 Goudey sheets. Robert Edward Auctions has not had a 1934 Goudey sheet to offer in over ten years! This auction includes two of the total of four different sheets that comprise the entire 1934 set in uncut sheet form. (To the best of our knowledge, no collector has the complete set in sheets, although the offering of the sheets in this auction may provide an opportunity.) The #37 Gehrig portrait card is the most popular of all Lou Gehrig cards, and is widely recognized as one of the most classic of all baseball cards, 1930s or otherwise. Any uncut 1934 Goudey sheet would be a highlight in even the most advanced collection, but a sheet with Lou Gehrig (and there are very few; fewer than five are known to exist) has an even greater universal appeal, and can be easily appreciated as a museum-caliber card-related display piece by any card collector. This sheet also includes an additional three Hall of Famers: #27 Luke Appling, 34 Chick Hafey, and 35 Ernie Lombardi. Uncut sheets of Goudey cards are extremely rare and among the most popular and sought-after of all baseball-card sheets. Few types of uncut sheets are held in higher esteem, are more meaningful to more collectors, or more ideal for display. Goudey sheets have always been considered the blue-chip staple of vintage uncut sheets, the standard against which the desirability and rarity of all other vintage uncut sheets are compared. The sheet has an Excellent overall appearance with brilliantly bold and flawless colors. There is a very tiny pinhole in the center, even wear to the corners, a pencil mark on card #43 Porter, and light creasing on both the top left corner and lower left portion of the sheet (cards of Stripp, Gehrig, and Earnshaw are affected), but due to its size these minor flaws have little or no impact on the sheet's extremely impressive and extraordinary display value. The reverse of the sheet is fully printed, and is perfectly bright and clean. This is a very striking and rare sheet! Reserve $5,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $18,800

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