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1920 to 1933 Baseball Pinback Collection (83)

  • Sold For: $1,304
  • Year: 1920
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 1163
  • Auction Category: Pins

Collection of eighty-three pinbacks (80 different and 3 duplicates) spanning the years 1920 to 1933, representing five different issues (two major leagues and three minor leagues), highlighted by a near-complete set of 1932 PR2 Orbit Gum (numbered) pins. 1) 1920 Mrs. Sherlock's Bread (1 pin): McNeil (back paper intact). Scarce pin set featuring members of the Toledo Mud Hens of the American Association. Diameter: 7/8 inches. 2) 1922 PB4 Kolb's Mothers' Bread partial set (21 of 32 pins): Missing eleven pins for completion (Abbott, Bates, Connelly, Kelley, Kotch, Lynn, Mamaux, Miller, Scott, Smallwood, Swartz). Scarce pin set featuring members of the Reading Baseball Club of the International League. This set is especially interesting as it includes Hall of Famer Chief Bender as Manager. The set also includes many others who played in the majors. 15 of the 21 have the original back papers intact on reverse. Great-looking near set of this very unusual pin issue. Diameter: 7/8 inches. 3) 1933 Mrs. Sherlock's Bread (5 pins): This pin set features members of the Toledo Mud Hens of the American Association. Consists of Bachman, Doljack, Montague, Scott, and Turgeon. All are missing the original back papers on reverse. Diameter: 7/8 inches. 4) 1932 PR2 Orbit Gum Pins - Numbered near-complete set (50 of 54 plus three duplicates for a total of 53 pins): Missing only four pins for completion (#24, 39 Simmons, 40, 92). This 54-player pin set was issued by Orbit Gum in circa 1932 and is catalogued in the American Card Catalog as "PR2." This is one of the few quality pin sets of the era, and also one of the few pin sets to be issued by a gum-card manufacturer. This set, of course, is closely related to the 1933 R305 Tattoo Orbit set, one of gum-card collecting's premier 1930s issues, and was issued at the same time. Each pin measures 13/16 inch in diameter and features a player portrait lithograph set against a green background. The player’s name and team is printed on a yellow strip beneath the portrait image. Each pin is numbered at the very bottom and the set begins to skip number after #40. The set is highlighted by Jimmie Foxx, Dizzy Dean, and many other Hall of Famers. The surface of these pins chip and wear very easily, as they are "lithos." The colorful images are printed directly on the metal pins as opposed to being printed on paper and then covered with celluloid. This issue is not yet on the radar of most 1930s gum-card collectors, but would be a worthy accompaniment to any 1930s gum-card collection. 5) 1932 PR3 Orbit Gum Pins - Unnumbered (3 pins): Bush, Clark, and Martin. Diameter: 13/16 inches. Very substantial collection of these fascinating, high-quality, unusual, and scarce major leage and minor league pinback issues from the early 1920s and 1930s. The collection grades Vg-Ex overall (with a few better and a few slightly lesser). Total: 83 pins. Reserve $300. Estimate $500++. SOLD FOR $1,304

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