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Dick Perez The Immortals Original Artwork Collection - "Baseball Origins - 1869-1900" (17)

  • Sold For: $10,665
  • Year: 2000
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 1233
  • Auction Category: Dick Perez

Collection of seventeen original Dick Perez baseball artworks produced specifically for inclusion in the book The Immortals: An Art Collection of Baseball's Best (see introduction for more information). Featured is an extraordinary gallery of stars and important figures representing nineteenth-century baseball. Perez has signed all of the paintings on the front in varying locations. Each painting depicts a different Baseball Hall of Fame member and, in keeping with the narrative spirit of the book, most players are pictured "in action." All of the paintings offered here are featured in the chapter "Baseball Origins" and are exclusive to the book; they have been published nowhere else. The collection is comprised of the following (all measurements are in inches): 1) Al Spalding; 12 x 24; oil on canvas. 2) Bid McPhee; 14 x 18; watercolor on 100% cotton fiber arches WC paper. 3) Cap Anson; 18 x 12; watercolor on 100% cotton fiber arches WC paper. 4) Dan Brouthers; 15 x 20; acrylic on board. 5) Mike "King" Kelly; 15 x 20; gouache on board. 6) George Wright; 20 x 30; oil on canvas. 7) Hughie Jennings; 16 x 20; acrylic on canvas panel. 8) Henry Chadwick; 16 x 20; oil on canvas. 9) Hugh Duffy; 9 x 18; watercolor on 100% cotton fiber arches WC paper. 10) Jake Beckley; 16 x 20; oil on canvas. 11) Jesse Burkett; 15 x 20; acrylic on board. 12) Tim Keefe; 15 x 22; acrylic on board. 13) Mickey Welch; 14 x 18; oil on canvas panel. 14) John Clarkson; 16 x 20; oil on canvas panel. 15) Ned Hanlon; 12 x 16; watercolor on 100% cotton fiber arches WC paper. 16) Joe Kelley; 20 x 16; oil on canvas. 17) Tommy McCarthy; 18 x 14; gouache on board. A copy of The Immortals is included with the lot. Near-Mint to Mint condition overall. Total: 17 paintings. Reserve $2,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $10,665

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