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1909-1911 E90-1 American Caramel Near-Complete SGC-Graded Set (117 of 120)

  • Sold For: $22,515
  • Year: 1909
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 133
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

Presented is an extremely attractive high-quality near-complete set (117 of 120) of E90-1 American Caramel, one of the most popular and classic of all baseball-card sets. Each card has been graded and encapsulated by SGC. Included are virtually all of the numerous Hall of Famers, extremely rare cards, and variations that make this set one of the most challenging and difficult-to-complete of all caramel-card sets. Missing just one major star (key rarity Joe Jackson) and two commons (Gibson - back view and Lobert) for completion. As any advanced collector will confirm, the E90-1 American Caramel Company set has always been extremely difficult to complete in any grade due to the many rare cards in the set, and particularly challenging to collect in high grade because of its method of issue (one card per package of caramels). This is a very attractive and carefully assembled complete set (minus three cards) including all highlights and all of the many rarities (with only the exception of Jackson). Just as the T206 White Border set is universally recognized as the most important and popular 1910-era tobacco-card set, the E90-1 American Caramel Company set has long been considered by collectors to be the most significant of all early candy-card sets, and certainly does not just pop up or put itself together in complete set form. This near-complete set (missing only three cards) was very carefully assembled by an extremely dedicated collector over a period of many years, and represents a tremendous collecting achievement. There is little doubt that the three missing cards, with patience, can eventually be found. The SGC grading report is as follows: Two EX 60: E. Collins (HOF) and Crawford (HOF). Twenty-six VG/EX 50: Bailey, Baker (HOF), Bransfield - "P" on shirt, Bridwell, Chance (HOF), Criger, Donlin, Engle, Fromme, Gibson - front view, Graham, Grant, Hall, Howell - follow thru, Keeler - throwing (HOF), Lajoie (HOF), McIntyre, Mullin, Schlitzer, Stanage, Stone - no hands, Sweeney - NY, Thomas - Phil., Tinker (HOF), Upp, and Wallace (HOF). Forty-nine VG 40: Barry, Bender (HOF), Blankenship, Bradley, Bransfield - no P on shirt, Bresnahan (HOF), Brown - Bos., Bush, Butler, Chase, Clarke - Phil. (HOF), Clement, Cobb (HOF), G. Davis (HOF), Demmitt, Donovan, Gray, Groom, Hartzell - fielding, Heitmuller, Howell - wind up, Jennings (HOF), Jordon, Joss - port. (HOF), Joss - pitching (HOF), Keeler - pink (HOF), Keeler - red (HOF), Knight, Krause, Leach - throwing, Leever, Lumley, Marquard (HOF), Mathewson (HOF), McInnes, McQuillan, Miller, Oakes, O'Connor, Pastorius, Phelps, Richie, Sheckard, Tannehill - Chicago AL, Tannehill - Chicago NL, Thomas - Bos., Wagner - batting (HOF), Willis (HOF), and Young - Clev. (HOF). Twenty-four GOOD 30: Bell, Bliss, Brown - Chi. (HOF), Clarke - Pitt. (HOF), H. Davis, Dooin, Duffy (HOF), Hartzell - batting, Irwin, Isbell, Leach - batting, Mitchell - NY, Mitchell - Cin., O'Leary, Plank (HOF), Shean, Stahl, Stovall, Summers, Tenney, Unglaub, Wagner - throwing (HOF), Wiltse, and Young - Bos. (HOF). Eight FAIR 20: Bemis, Camnitz, Dougherty, Dygert, Ellis, Schaefer, Speaker (HOF), and Sweeney - Bos. Five POOR 10: Bescher, Corridon, Overall, Stone - left hand, and Walsh (HOF). Three Authentic: Karger, McLean, and Seigle. Thirty-six cards are from the Carter Collection. The "Carter Collection" designation on many cards in this near-set refers to the fact that these cards were once part of the collection of Lionel Carter, one of organized card collecting's most respected pioneers. This is a rarely seen and beautifully assembled near-complete set of E90-1 American Caramel, missing just three cards for completion, with many condition highlights, and a tremendous potential break value. The equivalent SMR value for the assigned grades (not including the three Authentic cards) is $29,915. Total: 117 cards. Reserve $5,000. Estimate $10,000/$15,000++. SOLD FOR $22,515

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