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1950s Western Hartland Statue Collection in Original Boxes (3): Hoby Gilman, Seth Adams, and Lucas McCain ("The Rifleman")

  • Sold For: $593
  • Year: 1958
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 1500
  • Auction Category: Western Hartland Collection

This exceptional high-grade collection of Western Hartland figures is comprised of Hoby Gilman, Seth Adams, and Lucas McCain ("The Rifleman"), each complete or near-complete with its original accessories, tag, and box. As most collectors know, the original tags and boxes are exceedingly rare, especially in high-grade, and are seldom offered at public sale. All of the Western Hartland figures in this auction originate from an extremely advanced collection that was assembled with condition in mind, and as such, most of the figures offered here rank among the finest examples we have ever seen. It should be noted that with respect to the boxes, all display a few minor creases as a result of normal handling wear, but nearly all of those offered in this auction are far superior to other known examples and most appear much as they did when originally issued. In an effort to remain consistent, all of the items have been graded on a scale of "1" to "10." 1) Hoby Gilman and his horse #825. Near complete with original saddle, hat, reins, gun, tag, and box (missing rifle). Figures and accessories: "8." Tag: "7." Box: "5.5," with light staining; one side flap detached. 2) Seth Adams and his horse #824. Near complete with original saddle, hat, reins, lasso, and box (tag, rifle, and gun missing). Figures and accessories: "8.5." Box: "7." 3) Lucas McCain and his horse #826. Complete with original saddle, cinch, hat, rifle, reins, tag, and box. Figures and accessories: "8." Tag: "9." Box: "7, with a few minor abrasions and a light pencil notation on the front. Total: 3 figures with boxes. Reserve $400. Estimate (open).

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