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Circa 1888 Allen & Ginter Tobacco Premium Album Collection (12)

  • Sold For: $1,778
  • Year: 1888
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 1540
  • Auction Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

Outstanding collection of twelve rare circa 1888 tobacco premium albums, all issued by Allen & Ginter. In the 1880s, in addition to insert cards, tobacco companies also offered special albums available only by mail in exchange for coupons (usually 75 or 100) which were packed with tobacco, one coupon per pack. Each premium album features images of all of the subjects (usually 50 different) featured in a given set, along with additional background artwork. These souvenir albums were the top prizes offered by the tobacco companies, and have long been highly prized by collectors. These albums feature a diverse range of topics, including birds, fish, famous editors, etc. Many collectors are familiar with the few albums featuring baseball players as they are very popular and expensive. The nonsport albums are just as scarce, yet far more reasonable in price. This substantial collection includes the following albums: 1) A1 American Editors, 1st Series (6 x 9 inches). Missing original binding string and several creases on back cover, otherwise Ex. 2) A3 Birds of America (6 x 9 inches). The birdcage-shaped album is comprised of nine pages featuring birds, an advertising page, plus two covers, all attached by a round metal clasp. Ex. 3) A4 Birds of the Tropics (9 x 6 inches). Vg. 4) A5 City Flags (8.5 x 7.5 inches) including the original glassine envelope. Missing original binding string, otherwise Ex-Mt. 5) A6 Decorations from Different Nations (6 x 9.25 inches). Missing original binding string, otherwise Vg/Vg-Ex. 6) A7 Fish from American Waters (9.25 x 6 inches). Missing original binding string, otherwise Vg. 7) A8 Flags of All Nations (6 x 8.25 inches). The covers are intact but the inside pages have separated from the spine, otherwise Vg. 8) A9 Game Birds (8.5 x 6 inches). Missing original binding string, otherwise Vg/Vg-Ex. 9) A10 General Government and State Capitol Buildings (9.25 x 6 inches). Missing original binding string, otherwise Vg/Vg-Ex. 10) A11 Quadrupeds (9.25 x 6 inches). Missing original binding string, otherwise Vg/Vg-Ex. 11) A12 Racing Colors of the World (jockeys; 8.25 x 6.25 inches). Vg. 12) A13 Song Birds of the World (9 x 6 inches). Vg/Vg-Ex. As is often the case with these albums, most have some cover wear and this is the cause for much of the downgrading. In most cases the interior pages are much better than suggested by the overall grade assigned each album. This is an impressive group of nonsport tobacco premium albums, including many very scarce titles. Total: 12 albums. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+. SOLD FOR $1,778

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