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1909-1911 T206 White Border "EPDG Backs" Collection (55), Including Two Ty Cobbs

  • Sold For: $11,850
  • Year: 1909
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 222
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

Newly discovered original-owner collection of fifty-five (forty-nine different plus six duplicates) tobacco cards from the T206 White Borders series, highlighted by twenty-one Hall of Famers, including two Ty Cobbs, Walter Johnson, and Cy Young, each with the "El Principe De Gales" tobacco advertisement on the reverse (except one Sweet Caporal). To find fifty-four cards, all with El Principe De Gales backs, is very unusual. The fifty-four "EPDG" cards in this lot represent the largest group of these scarce-back T206s that we can recall offering at a single time. El Principe De Gales is a scarce back, certainly not in the same league as Drum or Uzit, but very unusual and seen far less often than most other T206 advertising backs. These cards are part of a very substantial collection of 1910-era cards consigned to this auction, which was saved for decades by the family of the original owner. Apparently a friend or someone in the family was exclusively a fan of El Principe De Gales tobacco. It was a thrill for us to receive the small group, expecting them to have Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs as is almost always the case, and find they were all El Principe De Gales. Condition ranges from Poor to Gd-Vg, averaging Fr-Gd overall. The collection consists of the following: Ames, two Baker (HOF, Gd and Fr), Bender/no trees (HOF, Gd), two Berger, Bradley/bat, two Brown/Chicago (HOF, both Gd), two Burch/fielding, Chance/red (Gd, Sweet Caporal back), two Chance/yellow (HOF, both Gd), Chase/blue (Fr), Chesbro (HOF, Gd), Cobb/red (HOF, Fr-Gd), Cobb/bat off (HOF, Pr-Fr), Conroy/bat, Davis/Davis on front, Easterly, two Elberfeld/fielding, Ever/Chicago (HOF, Gd), Frill, Gandil (Black Sox, Fr), Jackson, Jennings/one hand (HOF, Gd), Johnson/hands at chest (HOF, Pr), Jordan/bat, Jordan/port., Joss/pitching (HOF, Gd), Keeler/port. (HOF, Pr-Fr), Kisinger, Kleinow/catching, Lajoie/bat (HOF, Fr), Magee/bat, Manning/pitching, McIntyre/Bklyn & Chi, Murray/port., Pelty/vertical, Pfeister/throwing, Reulbach/no glove, Rhoades/right arm extended, Rucker/throwing, Scott, Smith/white cap, Sweeney/NY, Taylor, Tinker/bat off (HOF, Gd), Wagner/bat of right shoulder, Walsh (HOF, Fr-Gd), White/pitching, Willis/bat (HOF, Gd), and Young/glove (HOF, Fr-Gd). It would be hard for any vintage-card enthusiast to not notice the great interest that has developed in collecting T206 White Borders by advertising back. This is a very substantial group of T206 White Borders, all with El Principe De Gales ad backs (except one). Total: 55 cards (54 El Principe De Gales backs and one Sweet Caporal). Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,500+. SOLD FOR $11,850

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