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1911 T205 Gold Border Complete Set (208 Plus 4 Variations)

  • Sold For: $11,850
  • Year: 1911
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 315
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

Extremely attractive medium-grade complete set (208 plus four variations for a total of 212 cards) of this classic tobacco-card issue, which includes all the great stars of the era and many rarities. The condition spans from Fr all the way to Vg-Ex/Ex (includes a few Ex, and a very few Poor or slightly trimmed), with approximately equal representation at each grade. Twelve cards have been graded and encapsulated by SGC (all submitted by REA). Keys: Baker (Vg-Ex), Barger/part "B" (Pr), Bender (SGC VG 40), Bresnahan/mouth closed (SGC VG 40), Bresnahan/mouth open (Gd), Brown (Gd, Polar Bear back), Chance (SGC VG 40, Cycle back), Chase/frame extends (Fr, Sovereign back), Chase/frame ends (Gd), Chase/left ear (SGC Authentic), Cicotte/"Black Sox" (SGC VG/EX 50), Clarke (Vg), Cobb (SGC FAIR 20), Collins/mouth closed (SGC VG/EX 50), Collins/mouth open (Fr), Crandall/"t" not crossed (Vg-Ex), Dahlen (Fr), Daubert (Vg), Donohue (Gd), Dougherty/red sock (Fr-Gd), Dougherty/white sock (Gd, Polar Bear back), Duffy (Vg/Vg-Ex), Evers (SGC VG 40), Fisher (Pr, Polar Bear back), Ford/white (Pr), Graham/Cubs (Pr), Grant (Gd-Vg), Gray/no stats on back (Vg-Ex), Griffith (Vg), Harmon/left ear (Pr), Hoblitzell/"Cin" after 1908 stats (Vg-Ex), Huggins (trimmed), Jennings (Gd, Polar Bear back), Johnson (Vg, Sovereign back), Joss (SGC VG 40), Karger (Gd), Kleinow (Gd), Latham/W.A. Latham on back (Vg-Ex), Leifield/A.P. Leifield on front (Pr), Marquard (Fr-Gd), Mathewson (SGC GOOD 30), McGraw (Vg-Ex), Raymond (Gd), Rowan (Vg), Scanlan (Pr), Shean/Cubs (Vg), Speaker (SGC VG/EX 50), Stahl (Gd-Vg, Polar Bear back), Suggs (Gd), Sweeney (Gd-Vg, Polar Bear back), Tinker (Vg), Turner (Gd), Vaughn (Vg-Ex, Polar Bear back), Wagner (Pr), Wallace/cap (Vg-Ex/Ex), Wallace/no cap - one line of 1910 stats (SGC GOOD 30), Wallace/no cap - two lines of 1910 stats (Vg/Vg-Ex), Walsh (Pr-Fr), Wheat (Gd), White/Pirates (Fr-Gd), Wilhelm (Pr-Fr), Wiltse/right ear (Gd), and Young (Pr). Minor Leaguers: Adkins (Pr-Fr), Batch (Vg), Cady (Gd-Vg), J. Collins (Fr-Gd), Dunn (Fr-Gd), Frick (Fr), Hanford (Vg, Polar Bear back), Lee (Fr-Gd), McAllister (Vg-Ex, Polar Bear back), Merritt (Pr-Fr), Nee (Fr-Gd, Polar Bear back), and Phelan (Vg). Most of the backs are Piedmont, Sweet Caporal, Hassan, or Honest Long Cut, but also included are Sovereign, Polar Bear, American Beauty, and Cycle. T205 Gold Borders are rarely offered as complete sets. With all the stars, HOFers, and rarities, the set naturally has tremendous break value, but is very much worth keeping intact. This is a very attractive mid-grade T205 set assembled years ago by an long-time collector, representing an outstanding collecting value, including all the Hall of Famers and rarities, and with four extra variation cards. Total: 212 cards (set of 208 plus 4 variations). Reserve $5,000. Estimate $10,000+. SOLD FOR $11,850

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