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1953-1955 Red Man Tobacco Complete Set Collection (153 cards, 3 sets)

  • Sold For: $948
  • Year: 1953
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 590
  • Auction Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

35% range from Vg-Ex to Ex, 40% Vg, and 25% lesser. Total of 153 cards representing complete sets of three out of the four years of Red Man Tobacco, with the exception of three cards missing from the 1955 set. 1) 1953 Complete Set of 52 plus one duplicate for a total of 53 (no tabs): Keys: #1A Stengel (Pr), 3A Berra (Vg), 3N Ashburn (Vg-Ex/Ex), 5A Fox (Ex), 5N Campanella (Ex), two 8A Kell (both Vg), 10A Rizzuto (Gd), 10N Reese (Vg), 14A Wynn (Vg), 14N Snider (Ex-Mt), 17A Lemon (Vg), 19N Spahn (Vg), and 26N Musial (Fr). 2) 1954 Complete Set of 50 with four variations for a total of 54 (no tabs): Keys: #1N Ashburn (Vg), 3A Fox (Vg-Ex), 4A Kell (Boston, Vg), 4A Kell (Chicago, Pr), 5N Irvin (Gd), 6N Kluszewski (Vg-Ex), 11N Spahn (Ex), 13N Campanella (Vg), 15N Reese (Ex), 16A Ford (Ex), 16N Snider (Ex), 17A Rizzuto (Vg), 18N Roberts (Vg), 19N Slaughter (Fr), 20A Berra (Vg), 21A Lemon (Vg), 22N Hodges (Vg), 23N Mathews (Vg), and 25N Mays (Pr). 3) 1955 Near-Complete Set of 47 out of 50 (no tabs): The set is missing the following three cards for completion: #3A Ford, 9A, and 22A. Keys: #1N Ashburn (Ex), 3N Hodges (Vg), 4A Fox (Fr), 7N Mays (Gd-Vg), 8A Lemon (Ex), 10N Spahn (Vg), 12N Wilhelm (Gd), 14A Wynn (Pr), 16A Berra (Ex-Mt), 17N Reese (Ex), 18A Doby (Gd), 18N Schoendienst (Ex), and 19N Snider (Fr). Red Man Tobacco cards are far rarer than most 1950s baseball cards. Because of their tabs (which were designed to be handcut and redeemed for prizes) and method of issue, they often have condition problems. We consider Red Mans to represent one of the best values of all cards from the era. They are very substantial, colorful, interesting, and much rarer than bubble-gum cards of the era, yet are valued very modestly compared to most other issues of the early 1950s. This is a relatively affordable, yet still extremely attractive near-complete set run of these unusual cards. The cards are bright and crisp, and overall display far better than their technically accurate assigned grades. Total: 153 cards plus one duplicate. Reserve $300. Estimate $500++. SOLD FOR $948

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