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1909-1911 T206 White Border Near-Complete Set (517 of 524)

  • Sold For: $44,438
  • Year: 1909
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 731
  • Auction Category: Joe Pelaez Collection

Addendum: The T206 of Schulte (front view) in this set has a Piedmont 350 advertising reverse (as opposed to a Piedmont 150 back). This is an extremely rare advertising reverse for this card and in fact is the only confirmed known example to date (though of course if there is one, there are probably others hidden in collections as yet unconfirmed). The example of this exceedingly rare T206 front/back combination in this set is the very card which is responsible for its addition to the master T206 checklist of confirmed cards. We very much appreciate that Tim Cathey of (Note: If you are interested in T206s, visit this site!) and Ted Zanidakas took the time to make us aware of this fact so that we could share it with bidders. The following is a cut-and-paste of a detailed explanation sent to us by Tim Cathey regarding this card which we present with his compliments: As the T206 set transitioned from the 150 Series to the 350 Series the first two backs printed with the group 1 subjects were Piedmont 350 and El Principe De Gales. After this printing 9 subjects were discontinued and Bill Dahlen's team designation was changed. This makes these 10 subjects much more difficult to find with a Piedmont 350 back than any other subjects in the set. For many years it was believed that the Schulte front view subject was discontinued prior to the 350 Series printings. That was until Joe Palaez made his example known and to date it remains the only one confirmed. Further adding to the mystery of this card is that the other 9 subjects in this group have all been confirmed with the EPDG back as well but Schulte has not. 15% Vg to Vg-Ex, 40% range from Fr to Gd-Vg, and 45% grade Pr (including a few trimmed). Near-complete 1909-11 T206 set (517 of 524), missing only the "Big 4" (Wagner, Plank, Magie, and Doyle/NY NL), Demmitt and O'Hara, St. Louis variations, and Willis/bat for completion. This set includes all other rarities, including Elberfeld/port., Washington, as well as a Ty Cobb/bat-off-shoulder pose with the Cycle 460 back (a particularly noteworthy front-back combination). The T206 set, of course, is highlighted by literally dozens of Hall of Famers, including four Ty Cobb cards, three Cy Youngs, two Walter Johnsons, three Christy Mathewsons, etc., as well as the scarce forty-eight-card Southern League series. Although in mixed grade, this is still a very pleasing set, with most cards having bright colors and crisp focus as originally issued. Eleven different tobacco advertising brands are represented in this set (including Broad Leaf 350, Hindu - red, American Beauty, Cycle, Sovereign, El Principe De Gales, Tolstoi, Old Mill, and Polar Bear). Keys: Baker (Pr), Beckley (Gd), Bender/no trees (Pr), Bender/trees (trimmed), Bender/port. (Pr), Bresnahan/port. (Pr), Bresnahan/bat (Pr), G. Brown/Wash. (Pr), Brown/Chi. (Gd-Vg, Polar Bear), Brown/Cubs (Fr-Gd), Brown/port. (Vg/Vg-Ex), Chance/bat (Pr, Polar Bear), Chance/red (Fr), Chance/yellow (Pr, Polar Bear), Chase/holding trophy (Vg, Polar Bear), Chase/blue (Pr), Chase/pink (Pr, Sovereign), Chase/dark cap (Gd, Polar Bear), Chase/white cap (Pr), Chesbro (Gd-Vg), Cicotte ("Black Sox," Vg), Clarke/bat (Gd), Clarke/port. (Vg), Cobb/green (Pr), Cobb/red (Pr, Polar Bear), Cobb/bat off (Fr-Gd, Cycle 460), Cobb/bat on (Gd), Collins/Phila. (Pr), Collins/Minn. (Fr, Polar Bear), Crawford/throw (Pr), Crawford/bat (Fr, Polar Bear), Dahlen/Brooklyn (Vg), G. Davis (Pr), Duffy (Fr, Polar Bear), Elberfeld/port., Wash. (trimmed), Evers/port. (Gd), Evers/Chi. (Fr, Polar Bear), Evers/Cubs (Vg), Flick (Gd), Gandil ("Black Sox," Fr-Gd, Red Hindu) , Griffith/bat (Gd), Griffith/port. (trimmed), Huggins/hands (Pr), Huggins/port. (Pr), Jennings/one hand (Gd, Polar Bear), Jennings/both hands (Fr, Polar Bear), Jennings/port. (Pr), Johnson/hands (Pr, Polar Bear), Johnson/port. (Vg), Joss/hands (Gd, Polar Bear), Joss/port. (Pr), Keeler/port. (Pr), Keeler/bat (Gd-Vg), Kelley (Pr, Polar Bear), Kleinow/Bos. (Fr-Gd), Lajoie/port. (Fr), Lajoie/throw (Pr), Lajoie/bat (Fr, Polar Bear), Lundgren/Chi. (Pr), Marquard/hands (Pr), Marquard/pitch (Fr-Gd), Marquard/port. (Pr, Sovereign), Mathewson/dark cap (Pr), Mathewson/port. (Pr), Mathewson/white cap (Pr), McGinnity (Vg, Polar Bear), McGraw/finger (Gd), McGraw/glove (borders trimmed off), McGraw/no cap (Pr), McGraw/cap (Fr-Gd), Smith/Chic.& Bos. (Gd, Polar Bear), Speaker (Fr), Tinker/bat off (Gd, Polar Bear), Tinker/bat on (Gd, Polar Bear), Tinker/knees (Pr), Tinker/port. (Pr), Waddell/port. (Pr), Waddell/throw (Gd-Vg), Wallace (Pr), Walsh (Pr), Wheat (Pr, Polar Bear), Willis/port. (Vg), Willis/throw (Pr), Young/glove (Pr), Young/bare hand (Fr) and Young/port. (Pr). Of special note was the fact that Joe Pelaez had not one but two sets of T206s. His first T206 set (represented by a different lot in this auction) is in much higher grade, and was constantly upgraded over the years. This second T206 set was his “pedestrian” set, more modest in grade and assembled just for fun because he couldn’t get enough of a good thing, but still comprised of beautiful cards that anyone and everyone could appreciate. This is a very attractive mixed-grade near-complete set of the 1910 era's most classic tobacco-card issue, representing an outstanding collector value. From the Joe Pelaez Collection. Total: 517 cards. Reserve $5,000. Estimate $10,000/$15,000. SOLD FOR $44,438

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