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1910-Era T209, T210, T217 Etc. Minor League Baseball Tobacco-Card Collection (145)

  • Sold For: $9,480
  • Year: 1910
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 737
  • Auction Category: Joe Pelaez Collection

Offered is an extremely diverse collection of 145 tobacco cards (125 different and 20 duplicates), all dating from the 1910 era, with representation from nine different highly regarded and rare minor league issues. This is a fascinating selection of high quality vintage cards, including many rarities from some of the most desirable sets of the era. This is a collection unto itself! Condition: 10% of the cards grade Vg, and 90% range from Pr to Gd. 1) T209 Contentnea First Series Complete Set Minus 1 (15 different plus nine duplicates, for a total of 24 cards): Missing only Crowell for completion. Consists of Armstrong (2), Booles, Bourquise, Cooper (2), Crockett (3), Fullenwider, Gilmore, Hoffman, Lane (2), Martin (2), McGeehan (2), Pope (2), Sisson, Stubbe, and Walsh (2). 2) T209 Contentnea Photo Series (28 different plus three duplicates, for a total 31 cards): Andrada, Biel (2), Bigbie (Raleigh), Bonner, Cooper, Cregan, Duvie, Forque, Griffin (Lynchburg), Hannifan, Hargrave, Hawkins, Jackson (Greensboro), Jenkins (Greenville), Kelley, Kelly (Anderson), Lucia, McFarlin (2), Merchant, Missitt, Munson, Murdoch, Pritchard, D. Smith, Tydeman (2), Vickery, Walsh, and Workman. 3) T210 Old Mill Tobacco (55 different plus five duplicates, for a total of 60 cards): Series 1 - S. Atlantic League (4 cards): Bensen, Hannifan, Pierce, and Viola. Series 2 - Virginia League (19 cards): Beham, Breivogel, Bussey, Gehring, Hamilton, Jackson (Lynchburg), Jackson (Portsmouth), Kirkpatrick, Landgraff, Larkins, Loos, Neuton, Peterson, Powell, Pritchard, Toner, Vail (2), and Waymack. Series 3 - Texas League (6 cards): Cowan (2), Hinninger, Mills, Shindel, and Williams. Series 4 - Va. Valley League (5 cards); Johnson, Mollenkamp, Pickels (2), and Witter. Series 5 - Carolina Assn. (13 cards): Brannon, Coutts, Gardin, Gilmore, Gorman, Rickard (2), Stouch, Thrasher, Walker, Workman, and Wysong (2). Series 6 - Blue Grass League (4 cards): Reed, Scheneberg (fielding), Van Landingham (Shelbyville), and Womble. Series 7 - E. Carolina League (5 cards): Dussault, Newman, Novak, Reeves, and Stoehr. Series 8 - Southern Assn. (4 cards): Case, Hart, Lindsay, and Pratt. 4) T211 Red Sun (2 cards): Hess and Miller. 5) T212-1 Obak (2 cards): Eagan and Guyn. 6) T212-2 Obak 150 Subjects (1 card): Tonneson. 7) T212-2 Obak 175 Subjects (3 cards): Browning, Griffin, and Seaton (Portland). 8) T212-3 Obak (14 cards): Bernard, Chadbourne, Criger, Howard, Knight, Madden, Metzger, Mitze, Mohler, O'Rourke, Schmidt, Swain, Thorsen, and Vitt. 9) T217 Mono Cigarettes (5 different plus three duplicates, for a total of 8 cards): Bernard (2), Couchman (2), Mitze (2), Schmidt, and Vitt. This is an extremely unusual offering and a very eclectic assembly of minor league tobacco cards from the 1910 era, including many highlights. From the Joe Pelaez Collection. Total: 145 cards. Reserve $1,500. Estimate $3,000/$5,000. SOLD FOR $9,480

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