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Nineteenth Century Baseball and Non-Baseball Tobacco Card Collection (41)

  • Sold For: $7,110
  • Year: 1888
  • Auction: 2012 spring
  • Lot #: 89
  • Auction Category: Pre-1900 Baseball Cards (1830-1899)

Collection of forty-one baseball (14) and non-baseball (27) nineteenth-century cards, highlighted by Hall of Famers Mike "King" Kelly, Charles Comiskey, John Ward, Tim Keefe, and John Clarkson, from three different classic nineteenth-century tobacco-card issues: 1) 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions (15 cards; one Ex, four Vg, five Gd, and five Pr): Albert (pedestrian), Dempsey (pugilist), D'Oro (pool), Dunlap (baseball), Dwight (tennis), Keefe (HOF, baseball), Kelly (HOF, baseball), MacKenzie (chess), Muldoon (wrestler), Prince (bicyclist), Rowe (bicyclist), Schaefer (billiards), Sears (tennis), C. Wood (jockey), and Wood (bicyclist). 2) 1888 N28 Allen & Ginter Champions (13 cards; three Vg, three Gd, and seven lesser [mostly Fr]): Beach (oarsman), Bibby (wrestler), Bogardus (rifle shooter), Caruthers (baseball), Clarkson (HOF, baseball), Comiskey (HOF, baseball), Glasscock (baseball), Keefe (HOF, baseball), Kilrain (pugilist), Muldoon (wrestler), Mulvey (baseball), Sexton (billiards), and Ward (HOF, baseball). 3) 1889 N29 Allen & Ginter Champions (13 cards; six Vg, six Gd, and one lesser): Albert (pedestrian), Clarke (walker), Crist (cyclist), Dwight (tennis), Edwards (pugilist), Getzin (baseball), Havlin (pugilist), McGee (pugilist), Miller (baseball), Morrell (baseball), Slocum (tennis), Ryan (baseball), and Webb (swimmer). Total: 41 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate $500/$1,000+. SOLD FOR $7,110

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