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1909-1911 T206 White Border Barney Pelty Horizontal Collection (117) Including 37 PSA- and SGC-Graded

  • Sold For: $5,100
  • Year: 1909
  • Auction: 2016 spring
  • Lot #: 436
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

Presented is one of the most fascinating prewar-card collections we have ever offered: an incredible hoard of 117 cards featuring St. Louis Browns pitcher Barney Pelty/horizontal from the T206 White Border series. In every auction we have thousands of T206 cards--sets, near-complete sets, rare backs, and printing anomalies among them - but this is the first time that we can ever recall offering such a large collection of one single card from this legendary set. The most obvious question one might ask when reviewing this lot is "How did 117 Pelty cards of the same pose end up together?" The answer is simple: Our consignor believed the horizontal pose of Pelty was one of the most visually appealing cards within the entire T206 set, and he endeavored to collect as many of them as possible in all grades and with all advertising backs. The result of this mutliyear quest is presented here.

Thirty-seven of the cards are professionally graded and encapsulated by SGC (nineteen), PSA (sixteen), and BVG (two). The remaining eighty are ungraded and grade 20% Vg and 80% Pr to Gd. The graded cards are as follows: SGC (19 cards): Two EX 60, one VG/EX+ 55, two VG/EX 50, five VG 40, three GOOD+ 35, five GOOD 30, and one FAIR 20. PSA (16 cards): One VG-EX+ 4.5, three VG-EX 4, two VG+ 3.5, four VG 3, four GOOD 2, one FAIR 1.5, and one Authentic. BVG (2 cards): EX 5 and GOOD 2. Obviously, a great deal of time and effort has been invested in the assembly of this collection. We have to say that seeing all these T206 Pelty cards all in one place has a very impressive visual impact even for us (and we've seen a lot of T206s!). The SMR value for just thirty-six of the graded cards (excluding the one Authentic and factoring in the nine half-grades at the lower whole-grade level) is $2,013. Total: 117 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).

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