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1933 R300 George C. Miller Ivy Andrews - Legendary Rarity!

  • Sold For: $840
  • Year: 1933
  • Auction: 2016 spring
  • Lot #: 799
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

The R300 George C. Miller of Ivy Andrews has long been recognized as one of the true rarities in all of card collecting and is also, naturally, the key rarity to the set. Any R300 collector will instantly recognize the name Ivy Andrews as it is undoubtedly on his want list. The R300 George C. Miller set has long been a favorite for advanced collectors. Thirty-two cards complete the set, and each one of them poses a great challenge for collectors of this elusive issue. For the few daring collectors who attempt to complete the R300 series, the search usually ends at thirty-one cards. Ivy Andrews is the missing link. The reverse of each card offers a prize for remitting a complete set of 32. However, to avoid being obligated to supply too many valuable prizes, the George C. Miller Company withheld from circulation all but a very limited number of Ivy Andrews cards. In 1933, you had a better chance of being struck by lightning than pulling an Ivy Andrews card out of one of their packs. In the 1980s there was a small find of canceled R300 Ivy Andrews cards, cards which had actually been submitted for redemption to the company. We're not sure how many were found; we always thought it was somewhere between ten and fifteen. All of these cards were canceled by having the lower third of the card cut away, so that the same card could not be used a second time to redeem another valuable prize. Today, there are only two or three existing Ivy Andrews cards that are not canceled in this manner, and only a very modest number of canceled examples are known. Before the small find of canceled examples, the Andrews card made completion of the set essentially impossible in any form. It's not much better today, but occasionally a canceled card such as the offered example surfaces. The fact that the cancellation is integral to the history of the card and its rarity makes this much more than a clipped card. This is a card with a story! The offered card is a particularly strong example. Aside from the cancellation clipping, the card is in magnificent high grade. The colors are vivid, and the card has the best possible registration for the issue. Without reference to the cancellation, the card is in magnificent Ex condition. The card has been encapsulated by PSA as Authentic and would be a worthy addition to any R300 set or legendary rarities card collection. Reserve $200. Estimate $400+.

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