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1951 Topps Blue and Red Backs Complete Set Collection (2 Sets, 106 Cards) Plus Duplicates and Wrappers

  • Sold For: $2,040
  • Year: 1951
  • Auction: 2018 fall
  • Lot #: 959
  • Auction Category: Postwar Baseball - 1950s Cards

The 1951 Red and Blue Back sets are extremely significant as these were the first major baseball-card sets ever issued by Topps. Offered as a single lot are complete sets of both the 1951 Topps Red Backs and 1951 Topps Blue Backs, each with 52 cards, plus both Red Back variations and thirty-two Red Back duplicates, for a total of 138 cards. 1) 1951 Topps Blue Back complete set (52): Condition is 10% Ex-Mt or better, 57% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 33% Gd to Vg (including a couple Fr).. Keys: #1 Yost (Vg+), 3 Ashburn (Vg-Ex+), 6 Schoendienst (Ex-Mt), 9 Sain (Ex), 10 Page (Vg), 20 Branca (Vg-Ex), 30 Slaughter (Vg-Ex+), 37 Doerr (Vg), 39 Lopat (Vg-Ex), 45 Pierce (Vg-Ex), 50 Mize (Vg-Ex), 52 Chapman (Vg). 2) 1951 Topps Red Back complete set (54): Condition is 39% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 51% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 10% lesser. Keys: #1 Berra (Nr/Mt), 5 Rizzuto (Gd), 6 Reynolds (Nr/Mt), 8 Wynn (Ex), 15 Kiner (Nr/Mt), 16 Roe (Ex), 20 DiMaggio (PSA EX-MT 6), 22 Feller (Ex), 24 Bauer (Ex-Mt), 30 Spahn (Ex), 31 Hodges (Vg-Ex+), 36a Zernial/Chicago (Ex), 38 Snider (Ex-Mt), 39 Kluszewski (Ex-Mt), 50 Irvin (Nr/Mt), 52A Holmes/Boston (Ex+). 3) 1951 Topps Red Back duplicates (32): Condition is 31% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, 56% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 13% Vg. Keys: two #1 Berra (Ex-Mt and Ex+), 8 Wynn (Vg+), 15 Kiner (Vg), 24 Bauer (Vg-Ex), 30 Spahn (Ex), 31 Hodges (Vg), 38 Snider (Vg+), 39 Kluszewski (Vg-Ex), and 50 Irvin (Ex-Mt). Though the cards in these sets are technically in varying grades, across the board the cards certainly have a bright, fresh, clean appearance, and one that is far superior to the technically assigned grades. These are extremely attractive (relatively modestly valued) sets! The 1951 Red and Blue Back Topps sets are among the most significant, yet overlooked, of all early Topps cards, and in our opinion represent an extraordinary value. Accompanied by ten original one-cent wrappers. Total: 138 cards plus 10 wrappers.
Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+.

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