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1914 T330-2 Piedmont Art Stamps Near-Complete Set (94/118) Including Cobb, Mathewson, Johnson, and Speaker

  • Sold For: $30,000
  • Year: 1914
  • Auction: 2018 spring
  • Lot #: 677
  • Auction Category: Prewar Baseball - T Tobacco Cards

Presented is a rarely offered and substantial collection of ninety-four different 1914 T330-2 Piedmont Art Stamps, representing 80% of the total of 118 known players in the set. This is the largest and most advanced collection we have ever offered or even seen presented at auction. This unprecedented collection is highlighted by twenty Hall of Famers including Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, and Tris Speaker. The 1914 Piedmont Art Stamp series is one of the rarest and most condition-sensitive of all 1910 tobacco issues. The design of Piedmont Art Stamps is based closely on the design of T205 Gold Borders. Piedmont issued these fragile gum-backed stamps one per package. Because of their thin stock, perforated edges, and intended use (to be glued into albums), they rarely survive without serious damage, especially to their backs. The 1910 era presented many different types of tobacco issues for collectors. In addition to cards there were Domino Discs, P2 pins, silks, and various premiums available only by mail (T3, L1, S81) among others. Piedmont Art stamps are certainly one of the more unusual and overlooked issues of the day and are considerably rarer than many more popular and widely collected tobacco issues. This is a very presentable collection with better eye-appeal than the condition composite may suggest. Condition is 14% Vg (including one Vg-Ex), 19% Gd, 28% Fr, and 39% Pr to Pr-Fr (including one trimmed and six altered). Keys: Baker (HOF, Gd), Bender (HOF, Gd), Brown (HOF, Pr due to paper loss on reverse), Chance (HOF, Pr-Fr), Chase (Pr-Fr), Hal Chase (Pr-Fr), Cicotte (Black Sox, Fr-Gd), Cobb (HOF, Fr), Collins/mouth open (HOF, Fr), Collins/mouth closed (HOF, Fr), Evers (HOF, Vg), Griffith (HOF, Pr due to back damage), Huggins (HOF, Pr-Fr), Jennings (HOF, Pr), Johnson (HOF, Fr), Marquard (HOF, Pr due to paper loss on reverse), Mathewson (HOF, Gd+), McGraw (HOF, Gd), Speaker (HOF, Vg), Tinker (HOF, Fr), Heinie Wagner (SGC VG/EX 50), Wallace/with cap (HOF, Vg), Wallace/no cap (HOF, slight trim to top edge, otherwise Vg), Walsh (HOF, Vg), and Wood (Pr). Missing the following twenty-four stamps for completion: Bates, Bescher, Bresnahan (HOF), Bridwell, Carrigan, Clarke (HOF), Dahlen, Elberfeld, Engle, Evans, Goode, Hauser, Hummel, Lennox, H. Lord, Meyers, Milan, Moriarty, Parent, Quinn, Rucker, Turner, Wheat (HOF), and Wilhelm. This is an uncommonly large group for this issue, which in part due to its rarity has received little attention from collectors. A unique opportunity to acquire a near-complete set of this very colorful and very overlooked 1910-era tobacco issue. From the Dan Gantt collection. Total: 94 stamps. Reserve $5,000. Estimate (open).

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