REA Presents: The Paul "Jack" Pollard T206 Collection

Jan 07 — 3 mins read

Robert Edward Auctions is pleased to present the Paul "Jack" Pollard T206 White Border collection in a special standalone auction to kick off 2021. The Pollard Collection includes a 522-card set missing only Honus Wagner and the rare Joe Doyle variation. It is highlighted by a fresh-to-the-hobby Eddie Plank and Sherry Magie error along with an incredible grouping of eight rare Uzit backs, including Ty Cobb and four other Hall of Famers. Assembled over several decades, the set is entirely graded by SGC and features more than 300 cards graded Excellent or better, including a staggering 70 cards graded Near Mint or better. Each card will be offered individually in the auction starting Thursday, January 7 and ending Sunday, January 17. 

Paul "Jack" Pollard was a consummate collector with origins rooted in childhood as is the case with so many collectors. Growing up in Lynchburg, Virginia, during the 1950s, Jack would routinely visit the local drugstore with allowance money, excited at the two-for-one punch he'd get from a pack of baseball cards and the stick of gum. While the gum didn't last long, the cards were carefully tucked away and preserved by the young man with a great appreciation for the game and its players along with a steadfast rooting interest for the St. Louis Cardinals. When he left for college, his mother dutifully stored his baseball cards, understanding how important they were to her son and confident that he'd be back one day to get them. 

It was 1973 before the collecting bug bit Jack Pollard again after a visit to an antiques store where he stumbled upon a leather trunk filled with tobacco cards, silks, and leathers. Familiar with the cards of generations before him, and fondly remembering the collecting days of his youth, Jack purchased the trunk and its contents for $50, much to the chagrin of his wife, Diane. Nonetheless, Jack and Diane, who were caring for two young children, including a newborn at the time, made a project of sorting the contents. This lit a fire within Jack, prompting him to return to his childhood home to gather his cards and setting him off on a four decade collecting journey as an adult. 

Whether it was trading with fellow collectors at meetups in the D.C. area, setting up at a small show in Virginia, or traveling the East Coast looking at and buying collections from ads he'd placed seeking baseball cards, Jack Pollard had a knack for tracking down cards and a keen eye for condition. Upgrading was a constant process for his collection, with uniformity in condition his primary goal once he'd attained completion. The T206 cards presented in this special auction are noted for their bold colors, crisp images, and remarkable preservation. Jack's appreciation for the old cards is immediately evident when one reviews the condition of his T206s. As a collector who completed scores of sets, ranging from T205 and T206 to the Goudeys and Play Balls to the Topps and Bowmans, Jack Pollard knew what he was doing and he did it extremely well throughout his life, into his retirement, and right up until he passed away in 2009.  

It is a great honor for Robert Edward Auctions to tell the story of collectors and their collections, and Paul "Jack" Pollard shines as one of the passionate and knowledgeable collectors who built a remarkable collection largely before the age of the Internet and more organized collecting. This T206 collection is the first installment of cards from his collection to be presented at auction in 2021. More information about additional sets will be made available in the future.  

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