1909-1911 T206 White Border Near-Complete PSA-Graded Set (518 of 524)

Sold For: $118,500
Year: 1909
Auction: 2013 Spring
Lot #: 11
Auction: Featured
The 518 cards in this collection represent 99% of a complete T206 set. This T206 near-set is highlighted by seventy-four Hall of Famers, including four Ty Cobb cards, three Christy Mathewsons, two Walter Johnsons, three Cy Youngs, as well as many rarities (including Elberfeld "“ portrait, Wash. and Smith - Chi. & Bos.) and all forty-eight of the scarce Southern League series cards. The missing six cards include the "Big 4," Demmitt/St. Louis, and O'Hara/St. Louis. There is little need for a formal introduction to the T206 White Borders set, the single most important and highly collected issue among all tobacco and all vintage cards. This is an extremely attractive and clean near-complete set of 518 cards. The cards span all grades and include many significant condition highlights; the entire set has tremendous eye-appeal across the board and even the lesser-graded cards are very pleasing and exhibit bright colors and crisp focus. This is a very carefully assembled set put together by a very dedicated collector over a period of many years. Few cards have creases, and most cards have been downgraded solely due to normal corner and edge wear. It would be a challenge in any era to assemble such an attractive T206 set, and all the more challenging to find a set of this extraordinary quality already assembled and available for sale as a unit today. Any T206 set, of course, naturally has a tremendous "break value" and most quality sets are broken up and sold individually. This is a very clean, attractive near-complete T206 set, just six cards away from the assembly of a magnificent fully graded complete set. Most of the cards have Piedmont or Sweet Caporal backs, but also included are Hindu, Cycle, El Principe de Gales, Old Mill, Polar Bear, Sovereign, and Tolstoi. The entire set is graded and encapsulated by PSA. The set is comprised of one NM 7, one EX-MT+ 6.5, fifty-one EX-MT 6, twenty-two EX+ 5.5, 206 EX 5 (one is qualified), seventy-two VG-EX+ 4.5, eighty-five VG-EX 4, eleven VG+ 3.5, thirty-seven VG 3, five GOOD+ 2.5, fourteen GOOD 2, eleven PR 1 (four are qualified), and two Authentic.

PSA grading composite: NM 7 (1 card): Geyer. EX-MT+ 6.5 (1 card): Dygert. EX-MT 6 (51 cards): including Bresnahan/bat, Brown/Chicago, Chance/port. yellow, Chase/white cap, Crawford/bat, Crawford/throwing (Sovereign), Jennings/one hand, and Shaughnessy (Old Mill, Southern Leaguer). EX+ 5.5 (22 cards): including Duffy, Mathewson/dark cap, Wheat, and two Southern Leaguers (Helm and Molesworth). EX 5 (206 cards): including Beckley, Bender/trees, Bresnahan/port. (Old Mill), Chance/bat, Chase/dark cap, Chase/port. blue, Chase/trophy, Clarke/bat, Cobb/red, E. Collins (Old Mill), G. Davis, Evers/with bat, Chicago, Flick, Griffith, Huggins/port., Huggins/hands at mouth, Jennings/both hands, Johnson/hands at chest, Joss/port., Kleinow/Boston, Marquard/hands at thighs, Mathewson/white cap, McGraw/finger in air, McGraw/port. no cap, Wallace, Walsh, Willis/bat, Willis/throw, Young/glove shows (Polar Bear), and seven Southern Leaguers (Bastian, Hart, Jordan, McCauley, Persons, Revelle, and Seitz). VG-EX+ 4.5 (72 cards): including Griffith/bat, Marquard/follow-through (Sovereign), McGinnity, McGraw/glove at hip (Sovereign 460), Tinker/bat off, Tinker/port., and three Southern Leaguers (Greminger, Paige, and C. Smith). VG-EX 4 (85 cards): including Baker, Bender/port. (Polar Bear), Bender/no trees, Brown/port., Brown/Cubs, Chance/red port., Chesbro, Clarke/port., Cobb/bat off, Cobb/bat on, Cobb/green, J. Collins (El Principe de Gales), Elberfeld/Wash. port., Gandil (Polar Bear), Jennings/port., Joss/pitch, Keeler/with bat, Kelley, Lajoie/throwing, Lajoie/with bat (Polar Bear), Mathewson/port., Smith/Chicago & Boston (Old Mill), Speaker, Tinker/hands on knees, Willis, Young/port., and ten Southern Leaguers (Cranston, Foster, Fritz, Guiheen, Hooker [MK], King, Lentz, Lipe, Miller, and Westlake). VG+ 3.5 (11 cards): including Lajoie/port and five Southern Leaguers (Hart, Hickman, Otey, Reagan, and Stark). VG 3 (37 cards): including Burch (Hindu), Cicotte (Sovereign 350), Keeler/port., McGraw/port. with cap, Tinker/bat on, Waddell/port., Waddell/throw, Young/bare hand, and eight Southern Leaguers (Bernhard, Carey, Kiernan, Orth, Rockenfeld, Thornton, White, and Violat). GOOD+ 2.5 (5 cards): including Southern Leaguers Breitenstein and Ellam. GOOD 2 (14 cards): including Bay (Hindu, Southern Leaguer), Doyle/N.Y. hands above head, Evers/port., Johnson/port., Marquard/port., and five Southern Leaguers (Coles, Lafitte, Manion, Perdue, and S. Smith). PR 1 (11 cards): including Brown/Washington, Dahlen/Brooklyn, Evers/with bat, Cubs, Pelty/horizontal (Hindu), and four Southern Leaguers (Howard [MK], Mullaney, Ryan [MK], and Thebo [MK]). Authentic (2 cards): Chase/port. pink and Lindaman. This is a set with tremendous eye-appeal, appearing at a glance considerably stronger than suggested by the very respectable and accurate condition composite and individual grades listed above. T206s in PSA NM 7, PSA NM-MT 8, or higher grades have risen to astounding levels that are unaffordable for most collectors. Impressive cards ranging in grade from Vg-Ex to Ex-Mt condition, of which this near-complete set is primarily comprised, represent one of the most outstanding values in all vintage-card collecting. This is a beautiful near-complete set of T206 White Borders, the most popular and classic set of the era, in an extremely desirable overall grade. The SMR value for this collection (not including the five qualified cards and the two Authentic cards) is $92,900. This figure calculates the 111 half-grades at the lower whole grade level and does not include any premium for the more desirable advertising backs included within. Total: 518 cards. Reserve $25,000. Estimate $50,000++. SOLD FOR $118,500.00
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