What To Expect When Consigning

All consignments to REA begin with an initial contact. Use our contact form or just give us a call. Our team will be happy to discuss your material and walk you through the process aimed at maximizing the value of your consignment. In many cases, contacting us early on in the process will prove extremely helpful for new consignors or individuals that are not experienced with the hobby.

What Happens When I Choose REA

During the initial contact and discussions, REA representatives will clearly lay out options, fees, and next steps. Everything will be documented and recorded in a seller's agreement. For some consignments, perhaps due to value or geography, REA representatives may come to you. In other instances, such as with smaller consignments, much of the process can be handled electronically with scans and digital contracts. REA has East Coast and West Coast representatives and always seeks to make our consignors happy and confident in their choice to consign with us.

Once your material is received, we roll up our sleeves and get to work! Each consignment taken in at REA is carefully evaluated by our team of experts. We divide it into auction lots, make grading recommendations, write carefully researched descriptions and professionally photograph each of your items. In addition to our meticulous preparation, we market and promote your material. When you combine our attention to detail, comprehensive marketing strategy and our years of experience, it is plain to see how our auctions consistently provide the highest prices realized of any sports auction.

A Trusted Resource

REA's representatives can offer resources and make recommendations to help you achieve top dollar for your valuable auction material. Our experts can identify which material would benefit from being professionally graded and negotiate reduced rates for grading on your behalf. Our team can also make recommendations on how to best segment and present your material to gain the highest prices realized at auction. And, in the rare instances where the REA auction isn't the best fit for your consignment, we have a network of partners that we can recommend to assist you.

Deep Experience

Our auction archive is a great resource to learn more about a particular card or set of cards. You can freely search, find similar items, and see the prices that they sold for in the past. One of our greatest strengths at Robert Edward Auctions is our proven track record. Our deep background and familiarity with both buying and selling are further enhanced by one of the deepest databases in the sports collecting hobby. We have the facts to know how to best represent your consignment!

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