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Stephen Wong and the "Baseball: America’s Home Run” Exhibition at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Baseball: America's Home Run is a unique exhibit at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum that examines the rich history of baseball. One of the contributors to this exhibit is long-time collector Stephen Wong, who has created a great content series examining the magnitude of all of these historic items.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

May 01 - 5 mins read

High-Grade 1948-1949 Leaf Baseball Near-Complete Set Collected for 35 Years Lands with Robert Edward Auctions

Mike Ryan was the bravest of the brave throughout his long career as a Los Angeles fireman. He also showed determination when it came to completing not one but three 1948 Leaf Baseball sets over a 35-year span.

PJ Kinsella

Apr 20 - 6 mins read

Early Babe Ruth Mementos with Incredible Provenance in REA Spring Auction

Friendships are among the most emotionally valuable things one can possess, and for one New England family, a friendship forged more than a century ago is now adding value monetarily as its early Babe Ruth mementos landed with REA for its Spring 2023 Auction.

PJ Kinsella

Apr 14 - 4 mins read

The Unconventional Journey of the Rare 1924 Aguilitas Cigars Set From Cuba to Spain to REA

Every collector has a journey. For Victor Martinez, his journey led him to a full set of rare 1924-1925 Aguilitas Cigar cards that have traveled halfway around the world with him.

PJ Kinsella

Apr 12 - 3 mins read