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Turning a Sports Memorabilia Passion into a Profession

Sports memorabilia and card collecting is one of America's most beloved pastimes. Tim Gallagher took his lifelong love of the hobby and turned it into a career.

PJ Kinsella in Sports memorabilia

Dec 14 — 6 mins read

The Quest to Complete the Legendary 1935 National Chicle Football Set Lands with REA

Steve Asch assembled one of the most robust 1935 National Chicle Football sets. After years of collecting, the set will be a prominent part of REA's Spring 2023 Catalog Auction.

PJ Kinsella in Sports memorabilia

Mar 14 — 5 mins read

Hockey Collector Teams up with Robert Edward Auctions to Sell Card Collection Spanning Nine Decades

Leonard Witman spent 37 years building his hockey card collection which spans nine decades from the 1910s to the 1990s. After nearly four decades, he's working with REA to auction most of his immense collection.

PJ Kinsella in Sports memorabilia

Jan 19 — 4 mins read

REA to Auction Signed 1928 Bobby Jones Golf Ticket Found in Grandpa’s Drawer

Mark Kelly was rummaging through an old desk drawer and found a holy relic no-one in his family, including his mother, had ever seen before. It was a beautiful ticket from a 1928 “special exhibition match” signed by four of the greatest golfers of all-time: Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen, and Johnny Farrell.

PJ Kinsella in Sports memorabilia

Dec 09 — 3 mins read

Iowa Farmer Selling Massive Unopened Collection He Has Harvested

Kurt Christensen is a sixth-generation farmer in the Spencer, Iowa. To feed his 2,000+ cattle he grows a lot of corn. But on the side, he has accumulated one of the country’s biggest sports and non-sports card collections.

PJ Kinsella in Sports memorabilia

Jan 19 — 5 mins read