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On the topic of Q&A With REA

REA Q&A with Michael Osacky (Baseball in the Attic)

Michael Osacky is a lifelong collector who has been able to turn his passion into a career. He is the lead appraiser for PSA and is a member of the International Society of Appraisers. He recently took the time to speak with REA about his passion and experience in the hobby.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Apr 06 - 3 mins read

Q&A with REA: The Sports Card Dad

Dustin Cooley launched The Sports Card Dad channel in 2020, and has become a trusted voice across the hobby ever since. He recently sat down with us to discuss his collecting journey, how to get younger collectors involved and future plans for his channels in this Q&A with REA.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Jun 07 - 4 mins read

Q&A with Matt Strahm: A Conversation with Phillies Pitcher and Host of The Card Life

We recently spoke with Phillies pitcher, hobby enthusiast and host of The Card Life TV, Matt Strahm, who took us into some of the early days of his collecting, how becoming a Major Leaguer has impacted his love of the hobby, and some things we can look forward to from The Card Life TV in the near future.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Aug 09 - 4 mins read

Q&A with REA: Matt Clark, Operations Director at REA

In this Q&A with REA, Operations Director Matt Clark talks about the growth of REA, the industry and what excites him as both a professional and a collector.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Feb 22 - 4 mins read

Q&A with Brian Dwyer, President of Robert Edward Auctions

Brian took the leadership reins of REA in 2016 and has grown the Company substantially during that time, expanding from just a couple of auctions per year to almost one a month. In this deep-dive, he talks about his lifelong passion for the hobby, how he sees the trading card and sports memorabilia markets evolving, and some of the most valuable and unique items he’s ever handled.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Apr 26 - 6 mins read

Q&A with Gordy Bonker, Host of Bonkers Cards

In this Q&A, Gordy Bonker talks about his passion for the hobby, his favorite vintage cards, and what it’s been like working with REA.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Sep 21 - 7 mins read

Q&A with Dick Perez: The Original Diamond King

Dick Perez is the focus of the upcoming documentary The Diamond King that will explore the history of baseball through his works. In this Q&A with REA, Dick opens up about his journey as an artist and this film that will combine two of his greatest passions - baseball and art.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

May 22 - 4 mins read

Q&A with REA: Adam Gray (TheReal27Guy)

Adam Gray, known across the hobby as TheReal27Guy, has been an avid collector for more than thirty years. In this Q&A with REA, he talks about his collecting journey, how he got started, and some of the exciting areas within the hobby that he’s keeping a close eye on.

PJ Kinsella in Q&A With REA

Dec 22 - 4 mins read