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Early Babe Ruth Mementos with Incredible Provenance in REA Spring Auction

Friendships are among the most emotionally valuable things one can possess, and for one New England family, a friendship forged more than a century ago is now adding value monetarily as its early Babe Ruth mementos landed with REA for its Spring 2023 Auction.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Apr 14 - 4 mins read

The Unconventional Journey of the Rare 1924 Aguilitas Cigars Set From Cuba to Spain to REA

Every collector has a journey. For Victor Martinez, his journey led him to a full set of rare 1924-1925 Aguilitas Cigar cards that have traveled halfway around the world with him.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Apr 12 - 3 mins read

A Lifelong Love of Boxing and the Assembly of a Diverse Collection

One collector's love of collecting started with stamps and stickers. But watching boxing matches in the late 60s and 70's got him hooked on the sport and into the hobby where he has amassed a fantastic collection of boxing cards and memorabilia ranging from the late 1800s to the mid-1950s.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Apr 06 - 3 mins read

Professional Partnerships: How REA and High-End Dealers Work Together To Maximize Value

Just Collect and REA are teaming up again to bring collectors a first-hand look at some of the hobby's most valuable items.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Mar 28 - 6 mins read

The Quest to Complete the Legendary 1935 National Chicle Football Set Lands with REA

Steve Asch assembled one of the most robust 1935 National Chicle Football sets. After years of collecting, the set will be a prominent part of REA's Spring 2023 Catalog Auction.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Mar 14 - 5 mins read