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The Catch: Willie Mays Game-Used Glove Stored Away for Half a Century Comes to REA

Imagine having a catch with Willie Mays while using his glove and then getting to keep it as a memento. For Ray Hardy, that fantasy became reality in 1967 and now his treasured Mays glove is up for auction with REA.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Jul 12 - 5 mins read

Passion for Boxing Cards Uncovers Unbelievable Family Connection to Multiple Fighting Legends

In his 20s, Adam Warshaw was introduced to boxing cards. It uncovered a new passion as well as an incredible family lineage that he was completely unaware of up to that point.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Jun 14 - 5 mins read

Father’s Sports Card Collection Protected for Decades in Ammo Cans Heads to REA

After Sander Halet's stepfather passed away, he and his wife found ammo cans containing a treasure trove of sports cards and memorabilia that had been stored away for decades. Little did they know how valuable some of the items really were.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

May 16 - 4 mins read

Stephen Wong and the "Baseball: America’s Home Run” Exhibition at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Baseball: America's Home Run is a unique exhibit at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum that examines the rich history of baseball. One of the contributors to this exhibit is long-time collector Stephen Wong, who has created a great content series examining the magnitude of all of these historic items.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

May 01 - 5 mins read

High-Grade 1948-1949 Leaf Baseball Near-Complete Set Collected for 35 Years Lands with Robert Edward Auctions

Mike Ryan was the bravest of the brave throughout his long career as a Los Angeles fireman. He also showed determination when it came to completing not one but three 1948 Leaf Baseball sets over a 35-year span.

PJ Kinsella in Consignor Stories

Apr 20 - 6 mins read